"Basco" or "Vasco" thoughts

With the recent release of the latest Gokaiger SH Figuarts, a lot of people have been confused about Basco’s name since the box has it labeled “Vasco.” While it’s true in Japanese, the “ba” and “va” are interchangable so TECHNICALLY either way is correct. But I’m just gonna throw my thoughts out here and if you agree, then great! If not, well good for you too. Just saying my opinion.

My belief? It’s really spelled “Basco” with a B. 

Edit: When I say “spelled” I mean written out in Roman letters. When you actually say it “Basco” and “Vasco” sound the same n Japanese anyway. 


Well first of all, his emblem has the B on it


Then on his back his emblem has a B too


Also, his name is supposedly derived from the hot sauce “Tabasco”  hence the “Basco Ta” in his name. And Jolokia is a spicy pepper so logically his name is supposed to come from spicy materials. Though Wiki says it’s also derived from a man named “Vasco Da Gama” so maybe that’s where the box naming came from I just thought that’s where they got the name structure or something. *shrugs* That’s just my theory.

Anyway, in the show and on official merch like magazine scans he’s been labeled as  ”Basco”



(Credit to drinkurdamntea for this scan XD because I’m too lazy to scan my copy)



So yeah. I’m just gonna say whoever designed the box from SH Figuarts just went with the Japanese-Engrish spelling, though it should be Basco. That’s my two cents. Feel free to believe if it’s Basco or Vasco but I’m going to stick to Basco because that’s what his wanted poster says. 

Well anyway, just keep loving that badass troll. Have a nice day.


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    I understand when you say it it’s the same whether it’s B or V. I was focusing more on writing it in Roman letters which...
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    To someone who speaks Japanese, these are the same words. It’s like “this is a B” it goes vaaa and “this is a V” it goes...
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